For the sake of this blog let us say you were making an app for a user to search grocery items, (we are not going to explain in this blog how to use state, so the assumption is if you are reading this you are already familiar with state,) now you have a “GroceryList” component that is a grid, who is the parent component of “GroceryItem”, your array for all your groceries was stored in a state in “GroceryList”,

useEffect(( =>
.then(r => r.json())

in order to create an individual card for each grocery item, you iterated over…

For the sake of this blog, lets say you are working on an app with a home page that displays all posts in a grid, and when clicked will take you to that posts “show” page that will have all details about that post, now the way you can do this, is by first sending down the id of the post as a prop, and then wrapping the post in a link so when clicked it will create a dynamic route using the id of the post you just clicked,

<NavLink  exact className="button" to={'/posts/'+ id}><div><div onClick={() => onHandleGuideClick(}…

So you are creating a rails app, and let's say for the sake of this blog post you are creating a social media style app, where you can post something and add a tag to said post, now we want our user experience to be as pleasant as possible, therefore we don't want the user to have a separate get request to select a tag, and image id to create an image tag, we want the option to select a tag in the form to create a picture, thereby creating the picture and associated tags in one form and one…

If you have ever created a rails application you encountered params and at first they seem very complicating, so we will go through a step by step as to what params are doing under the hood .

Now that we are using rails, there is one major difference that we didn’t have while using apps with active-record, and that is we interact with the app via the web, now because the app is not in our console we don’t manually input all of the arguments we need to create or edit different instances, instead, the arguments are now provided via…

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